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About Us

Our company started to produce the first kemalpaşa dessert, cheese dessert and şekerpare production in 1985 in a small factory. The conditions of the day have brought with them many difficulties and we have been constantly in a search for improvement.

Following the innovations in the sector, we increased our production place and capacity in 1993 with new technologies.

Increasing demand for our products has led to the need to expand our capacity and place once again. For this reason, Emrah Tatlıcilik was established at the end of 2002, we had a modern production facility with new technology with 2000 m2 closed area on 12000 m2 open area.

As a company Emrah and Tugce delivering branded our products to every corner of Turkey and quick service network by producing according to food codex using natural raw materials under the supervision of experienced staff and food engineers with the help of appropriate modern technologies to taste indispensable, we continue to provide the best service.

Our company, which has the privilege in producing Kemalpaşa Dessert, prioritizes "Quality" and "Consumer Satisfaction".

We have adopted the principle of realizing quality and production standards at the highest level.

Our goal is to deliver the true taste and quality of Kemalpaşa Tatlı to all consumers.

"Emrah" is the name of a traditional flavor that you can eat safely and with taste ...